Dive Charro Cozumel




Charro started diving in Cozumel in 1968 as a dive master with Aqua Safari. In those days the diving was undiscovered and each dive was an adventure. Over the years he learned English, was certified as one of the first instructors on Cozumel and introduced thousands of divers to the wonders of the reefs. He ventured out on his own in 1989 with his first boat the Sinaloa, attracting many of the divers who had been diving with him over the years. His independent dive operation had been known by many names: The Sinaloa, Dive the Mayte, Charro & Sons…but most commonly, simply as “Charro”.



Thanks to excellent diving and friendly atmosphere found on his boat, Charro’s business has grown into a successful dive operation. His son, Carlos, grew up as part of the dive community, helping on the boat and in the water as he was growing up. It was “natural” for Carlos to join Charro’s operation and now the two of them work together as boat captain, sailor and dive master. The My Way has now replaced the Sinaloa, but the friendliness and excellent diving remain the same.