Dive Charro Cozumel

Diving - Snorkeking - Fishing

Welcome to the beautiful island of Cozumel and the best kept secret on the island … Carlos & Charro and the friendly crew of our dive boats, the My Way and the Mayte

Carlos has lived on Cozumel his entire life. Surrounded by the dazzling Caribbean, he has been diving her warm tropical waters since he was 9 years old.

Carlos learned the trade watching, learning and working with his legendary father, Charro. After years of training, Carlos is keeping the family tradition of the friendliest and most accommodating dive boats on the island … and just possibly, in the whole Caribbean!

A typical day of diving starts from the marina next to the Hotel El Presidente. We leave around 9:30 and make our first dive at one of Cozumel’s spectacular dive sites. This can be anywhere from Barracuda Reef at the North end of the island to Maracaibo off the Southern tip. After a leisurely lunch and surface interval of one to two hours we make our second dive often on sites which other operators reserve for their first dive such as Santa Rosa. It’s a leisurely “old Cozumel” type diving day.